Every Karen Ever

3 aug 2020
2 353 400 visningar

Let me guess, you want to speak to the manager? This is EVERY KAREN EVER!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.

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Ian Hecox // instagram.com/ianhecox/
Courtney Miller // instagram.com/co_mill/
Olivia Sui // instagram.com/oliviasui/
Noah Grossman // instagram.com/noahgrossman214/
Jacklyn Uweh // instagram.com/blkjack76/
Amanda Lehan-Canto // instagram.com/filmingamanda/
Director: Monica Vasandani
Executive Producer: Ryan Finnerty
Head Writer: Monica Vasandani
Written by: Lorraine DeGraffenreidt, Cole Hersch, & Kurt Maloney
Editors: Christian Ruvalcaba, Mike Small
Production Manager: Alicia Gaynor
Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
Production Assistant: Jacqi Jones
DP: Brennan Iketani
Camera Operator: Kevin Rygg
Gaffer: Tim Baker
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art Department Assistant: Yasmeen Mughal
Set Dresser: Tayler Nicholson
Assistant Editor/DIT: Matt Duran
GFX: Brittany Metz
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
Stage Manager: David Hill
Executive Assistant: Sammie Miller
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  • All the people that disliked are Karen’s

    Gaming NewsGaming NewsTimme sedan
  • "It's their body but it's my choice!!*

    megami aizawamegami aizawa10 timmar sedan
  • Recently found out that my grandmother is a Karen, but she's not as bad as these hussies.

    SoniccustomcompanySoniccustomcompany15 timmar sedan
  • 3:06 hold on I thought Karen would be on the opposite side of the story on the US tipping culture. I, and probably every other country, would also say that tipping is optional.

    Korawich KaveeKorawich Kavee15 timmar sedan
  • Oh shit they do travel packs

    Cloud TEMCloud TEM21 timme sedan
  • Ok

    the_mr_chungusthe_mr_chungus23 timmar sedan
  • I have a Karen mom like my comment for an F

    Blue W JamBlue W JamDag sedan
  • The Karen revolution

    ali shahali shahDag sedan
  • I knew there was a Karen cult

    Good Name / ZabalaGood Name / ZabalaDag sedan
  • Amanda is my favorite Karen...SO accurate!!!

    DiKottamyDiKottamyDag sedan
  • Karen is like gangsters of the 90s

    Kelly VergaraKelly VergaraDag sedan
  • Karens when they think of how to ruin someone day: Educatun morster Stinks man translation: education master

    0 IQ0 IQDag sedan
  • Imagine if there was a video of a parody of Avengers Endgame and instead of the avengers they are managers and instead of Thanos’s army it’s all the Karen’s in the world And thanos is the Meanest,Rudest, “Can I talk to your Manager” Karen ever

    Sockpuppet's ChannelSockpuppet's ChannelDag sedan
  • The karen apolyse has all ready begun

    Josuke higashkataJosuke higashkataDag sedan
  • Are we sure Karens aren't the virus

    Seriously RealSeriously RealDag sedan
  • 2000 dislikes, huh? *The Karens saw this.*

    ShaedTheMoronShaedTheMoronDag sedan
  • I feel like the video got worst as it went on

    KingstynツKingstynツDag sedan
  • All the dislikes are from the actual Karens.

    Robot_ChivesRobot_ChivesDag sedan
  • Do every Kyle ever

    Jake EdwardsJake Edwards2 dagar sedan
  • You may speak to our manager, Karen

    TOTORO-playzTOTORO-playz2 dagar sedan
  • This entire video scares me

    Dead Phoenix 98Dead Phoenix 982 dagar sedan
  • Oh, I just love that blue cardigan Karen.

    Param SinghParam Singh2 dagar sedan
  • Ian surprisingly made a good Karen.

    Idostuffforyoutube YTIdostuffforyoutube YT2 dagar sedan
  • Q

    Lina ZhangLina Zhang2 dagar sedan
  • For the people who have Karens saying they wont pull around for there food, just put their food at the pickup area, then tell them its waiting there. They can move or have cold food/drinks. Make sure you have your managers permission first because Karens will lie to get you fired.

    Philip WoodsPhilip Woods3 dagar sedan
  • Love this sketch, can’t stop rewatching it

    Zara BlueZara Blue3 dagar sedan
  • I know it’s meant to be but this makes me sooooo angry

    Melon MelonMelon Melon3 dagar sedan
  • K A R E N

    Luis MineroLuis Minero3 dagar sedan
  • Karen virus

    The KillerThe Killer3 dagar sedan
  • “It’s my body my choice” “It’s their body, but it’s my choice” Super accurate

    Cookie CookieCookie Cookie3 dagar sedan
  • The short one is crazy

    AshyAshy3 dagar sedan
  • 2:07 I called that number on the lost dog poster and some old lady answered.

    MikeJ 2016MikeJ 20164 dagar sedan
  • #1 ha ha ha ha ha

    abdisamid adenabdisamid aden4 dagar sedan
  • The thing is at the dunkins near my grandmothers house they have her order by saying one of her name and they make it

    USGC CHARCTER WARR benderUSGC CHARCTER WARR bender4 dagar sedan
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💅❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Jeremy BartonJeremy Barton4 dagar sedan
  • All the dislikes are from Karen's.

    Azusa the kittenAzusa the kitten4 dagar sedan
  • People in the comments be like “bRiNg BaCk AnThOnY”

    Michael RutkowskiMichael Rutkowski4 dagar sedan
  • thjs cideo is making me so angry i cant laf at memes

    pana 115pana 1155 dagar sedan
  • Karen is the new zombie apocalypse sorry its called Karen apocalypse 😂🤣😂🤣

    Oscar GivskovOscar Givskov5 dagar sedan
  • is karans the name or the behaver

    ملك الفلافل Memesملك الفلافل Memes5 dagar sedan
  • This is so true

    Nida ČibiraiteNida Čibiraite5 dagar sedan
  • The first one was wow- XD

    Nida ČibiraiteNida Čibiraite5 dagar sedan
  • Amanda's character as a Karen is PERFECTLY ACCURATE

    The GaseousThe Gaseous5 dagar sedan
  • They left out the Karen with the white kid who has an iPad and can never do wrong. All his teachers are wrong but he is always right.

    octoberboiyoctoberboiy5 dagar sedan
  • My neighbor is such a karen she would legit be the manager of a store and say I'm reporting you to the manager smh what has america came too

  • That part where she transformed the manager into a karen reminded me of almost every vampire or zombie horror movie i'd ever seen & the blooper where Courtney couldn't remember her line at the drive-through had me cracking up! 😊😀😅🙂

    Kenny BoggsKenny Boggs5 dagar sedan
  • 😂 lol

    Kim AdamsKim Adams6 dagar sedan
  • -w- its the mask Karen for me in 2022 they gonna die from being so stupid and regreat for what they did if they have a heart in them,which i bet not ;w;

    Extra DanExtra Dan6 dagar sedan
  • Courtney was so accurate in the drive thru I love it

    midnigth mmidnigth m6 dagar sedan
  • I know it's a Joke but it still made me so mad 😫🤣

    Jesús MayorquinJesús Mayorquin6 dagar sedan
  • all of the dislikes are obviously by karens

    Croasp :3Croasp :37 dagar sedan
  • More terrifying than a zombie outbreak

    William HWilliam H7 dagar sedan
  • Can't believe Karen's have broke natures life

    Romeo BenavidesRomeo Benavides7 dagar sedan
  • The Karen-O-Virus

    The Big OOFERThe Big OOFER7 dagar sedan
  • you guys pay tax in america but in kurdistan we dont pay tasks

    Divan RebwarDivan Rebwar8 dagar sedan
  • 2020 was in a couple of words: Karen Covid BLM and Australia fires

    Bradley GrootBradley Groot8 dagar sedan
  • This is realy accurate

    Deku kunDeku kun8 dagar sedan
  • Karen are worse than Corona 🙂

    7amood deiri7amood deiri8 dagar sedan
  • 4:10 he’s a little birdie :D this is too funny lol

    adan perezadan perez9 dagar sedan
  • I'm so glad that i live in europe where people are suprised if you tip

    some random guysome random guy9 dagar sedan
  • This is the worst nightmare I don’t want to exist

    Ream SleepReam Sleep9 dagar sedan
  • dude i stopped watching this vid half way through cause its too accurate.

    Mohammed BabbiliMohammed Babbili9 dagar sedan
  • Their is way more types of Karen’s in Australia trust me

    Springs The funi manSprings The funi man9 dagar sedan
  • They are reproducing !!!!! Noooooo!!!!

    Nova aurora HistoriasNova aurora Historias9 dagar sedan

    Luna :DLuna :D9 dagar sedan
  • It’s their body, BUT ITS MY CHOICE lmfao

    Trystan kenobiTrystan kenobi10 dagar sedan
  • Karen is the Owner of everything on earth 🌍

    Mr dab 01 DababnehMr dab 01 Dababneh10 dagar sedan
  • this is accurate

    CO2000A_ACO2000A_A10 dagar sedan
  • It is ???? days since the Karen infection started to spared across the world we have lost so many. They're not many of us left we have had to live under ground for too long and anything cooler full has had to be destroyed. We do not know how longer we can hold out........ Every day they get closer and closer. We can not make it... THEY ARE HERE THEY HAVE BRECHED THE FRONT THIS IS THE END!!!!!!!

    Justin SkeelsJustin Skeels10 dagar sedan
  • 1:16 facts on all karens

    Beep BopBeep Bop10 dagar sedan
  • The caring apocalypse I swear to God I’m scared for this day to happen

    Gucciby LGucciby L10 dagar sedan
  • this lowkey looked like one of those tv drama trailers...

    BUFD ScopeBUFD Scope10 dagar sedan
  • Malitary for killing Karen's is now created and call 911

    Fareeda FaizFareeda Faiz11 dagar sedan
  • Oh no the worst apocalypse the Karen apocalypse

    J XJ X11 dagar sedan
  • So relatable

    CosmicTealCosmicTeal11 dagar sedan
  • this is scary

    בן רוזנרבן רוזנר11 dagar sedan
  • If it showed them as teens they would have went to a restaurant to do their homework because the costumer is always right

    Francis OrtizFrancis Ortiz11 dagar sedan
  • Everyone here is saying “as a retail worker this is spot on” but in here to say that as a Karen this video is spot on.

    Karen MarieKaren Marie11 dagar sedan
  • Just go over there, then come back here, then go over there

    GodGod11 dagar sedan
  • How is this so accurate I don't understand?

    Hulk HoganHulk Hogan11 dagar sedan
  • Karen's reaction to this video: I wOuLd lIkE To sPeAk tO ThE MaNaGeR

    Jay I WAS HE369Jay I WAS HE36911 dagar sedan
  • i fucking love noah NICE CATCH BITCH lmao

    coolgamer ytcoolgamer yt12 dagar sedan
  • So Karen's even bully kids huh

    ScroofScroof12 dagar sedan
  • This video pisses me off

    N1TRO 64N1TRO 6412 dagar sedan
    • They are so good at being Karen's it sorta pisses me off too

      SploofaSploofa12 dagar sedan
  • You’re wrong, Karen’s don’t say please

    JP WilsonJP Wilson12 dagar sedan
  • You should do every simp ever

    Dcw Deadly championship wrestlingDcw Deadly championship wrestling12 dagar sedan
  • Morale of the story Dont argue whit idiots if you dont know what you are doing because they will bring you down to their level

    Rickypol 007Rickypol 00713 dagar sedan
  • They became the very thing they swore to avoid

    Rickypol 007Rickypol 00713 dagar sedan
  • send this to your manger if your a manger and a karen is yelling i want to speak to the manger tell the karen your fired get out of my store now get outtttttt

    Sfg AnimationsSfg Animations13 dagar sedan
  • Do every thug ever

    super animesuper anime13 dagar sedan

  • Nice catch BITCH

    no nameno name14 dagar sedan
  • 1:48 Captions: Karen speaking gibberish.

    Afia MuqaddasAfia Muqaddas14 dagar sedan
  • I've never actually met a Karen in person-

    Afia MuqaddasAfia Muqaddas14 dagar sedan
  • Mouth:50% Brain:1% Hands: *yes*

    *TEEHEE**TEEHEE*14 dagar sedan
  • US : Karen Philippines : Marites

    ken. minken. min14 dagar sedan
  • What an eye soar!

    itsjazminitsjazmin14 dagar sedan

    Gacha Maia565Gacha Maia56514 dagar sedan
  • Karen’s watching this video we don’t go like that let me speak to your manager

    Romeo The cutieRomeo The cutie14 dagar sedan
  • 5:48 The dog: *IM A KAREN TOWARDS KARENS, B*TCH*

    Blue X Roblox & Aaron CraftBlue X Roblox & Aaron Craft14 dagar sedan